Completed Projects

2021 Completed Projects

Wairari Water Supply

This project involved the development of a water abstraction facility which will come to service the ever-growing Papamoa Coastal Strip and Te Tumu areas as they develop. This water treatment plant will also come to serve as Te Puke's backup water supply. Having taken ecological monitoring for over a decade, this project was developed with utmost priority of protecting the Waiāri Streamand wildlife, whilst also allowing for the substantial growth we continue to see in the region; as the water supply will come to service around 35,000 family homes.


Victorian Government Level Crossing Removal Project

This project, established by the Victorian Government, will come to eliminate as many as 85 level-crossings across Melbourne by 2025. This project will improve the safety of the Melbourne region by eliminating the risk of trains and vehicles sharing crossings, which will also increase the number of trains able to run through the new network.
The Dellta team’s contribution to this project was in the precasting of the “L” Beam components. A contribution which has seen us elected to the NSCA Foundation National Safety Awards of Excellence under the category of Best Solution of a WHS Risk (Small Business Category). We have since been announced as finalists, and the winner will be stated in December.


Queensgate Shopping Centre

Contributing substantially to the initial design and construction methodology on this project was a big part of Dellta Contractors' commitment. Due to the complexities of rebuilding the car park and cinema complex, which were damaged during the Kaikoura Earthquake. These complexities were largely due to the fact that construction moved forward whilst the mall remained open, making for additional Health and Safety responsibilities. Which Dellta Contractors were happy to take on for this project, which would become a massive benefit to the local community.

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Inland Rail

The Inland Rail Project aspires to bring long-term benefits to all Australian regions reached. Linking Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth and greatly reducing the need for trucks transporting goods on congested roads; the Inland Rail will link Australian businesses to markets both locally and globally, improving Australia's individual freight networks. This project is making great moves to improve road safety in Australia, lower vehicle emissions and create jobs within communities.
Throughout this project, the Dellta Contractors team was located in Tamworth, locally making uni culverts for the correlating portion of the railway.


2020 Completed Projects

FCC Infrastructure Yard (Fletcher Construction)

This project allowed us to contribute to safer, stronger bridges with wider traffic lanes and shoulders, improved walking and cycling facilities, and reduced maintenance costs. The Super Tees made on this site were used on the Whirokino Bridge and PP2O (Peka Peka to Otaki)


Waikato Expressway, Hamilton East Project

These projects, along with the other contributions that we made to the ongoing Waikato Expressway allowed us to contribute to the construction of what will come to be the key for convenient and safe travel in the Waikato Region. In 2020 we completed the Mangaonua Stream Bridge and Cambridge Road.

Waikato Expressway   Hamilton East Project Mangaonua Wingwalls

Waikato Expressway, Cambridge Road Bridge

The Cambridge Road Bridge was one of the larger projects in the Waikato Expressway, connecting traffic from Hamilton to South-bound expressway, as well as giving access to Tamahere traffic into a network of previously inaccessible areas. Since it's completion, the Cambridge Road Bridge became immediately indispensable.

cambridge road

Waikato Expressway, Mangonua Stream Bridge

Another of our contributions to the Waikato expressway, the Mangaonua Stream was diverted throughout this project for both staff and environmental health and safety. The Mangaonua Stream Bridge Project saw Dellta Contractors create a series of 30 metre Super-T's for this curved bridge without interrupting the flow of traffic on existing roads.


Waikeria Prison Extension

A series of work faces within Waikeria Prison. A project which required us to comply to extensive security and safety measures whilst working within a functioning prison and the new prisoner reintegration system, which allowed prisoners to work on the project alongside our teams.


Waikato Expressway, Powells Road

A vital section of the Hamilton East section, Powells Road Bridge was the last of the bridges built on this project to create a four-lane highway across State Highway 1. The Expressway has been completed throughout seven different stages, all of which will come together to achieve reduced travel time, minimal congestion, and most importantly, insure the safety of travellers.

Waikato Expressway - Hamilton East Project Greenhill, backwall

Fulton Hogan - Petone to Melling Walking and Cycling Line

A high quality, safe and sustainable method of travel, the Te Ara Tupua Path was built with the intention of becoming transformational to the Wellington community, as well as to re-stimulate the economy by connecting Wellington city and Lower Hutt directly. This project also includes the added benefit of improving the storm resilience of the railway which is so vital to the Wellington Community.


2019 Completed Projects

Wellington International Airport Hotel - Rydges

This 134 room hotel was built with internal links to the already-existing airport. Only a small portion of the Airport was closed off for this process and the project ultimately won the Safety Excellence Award at the New Zealand Institute of Building Award Ceremony.

Wellington Airport

Rimutaka Fire Station

Built on the grounds of the previous Rimutaka Fire Station, the new building is comprised of four alliance bays with operational decontamination areas, transitional showers and PPE storage spaces. As well as six bedroom areas, a gymnasium, kitchen, operations room and secure car park. All of these facilities were designed and around the fire Station design guidelines alongside our own Health and Safety requirements.

Rimutaka Fire Station


We worked with Calder Stewart to build the foundation of the Metalcraft building located in Lower Hutt.

Waikato Expressway, Mangaharakeke and Mangaone Stream Bridges

The Magaharakeke and Mangaone Stream Bridges are two identical, curved bridges constructed of 30 metre Super Tee Beams. The streams below were redirected as a safety measure for staff, equipment and environmental preservation purposes whilst the bridges were put in place.


Waikato Expressway, Resolution Drive

The Resolution Drive project saw an underpass added under the Drive's extension. This change allowed for a walking and cycling path to be added to the pre-existing Resolution Drive for use by locals.


Puketaha Bridge

One of the few bridges in this project built to take expressway traffic over the existing local roads, rather than under. This project included ground improvement surrounding the existing roads to support the mechanically stabilized earth that hold the bridge.


Horsham Downs Road Bridge

This project saw Horsham Downs Road closed throughout the construction process, organised so that traffic could be redirected through the completed stages of the Waikato Expressway Projects.
This bridge, upon completion, was first driven by a 91 year old Horsham Downs local, to celebrate the safety benefits this project provided to the local community.


2018 Completed Projects

Pyes Pa Reservoir

The Pyes Pa Reservoir was built in order to accommodate the rapid commercial growth of Tauranga. This geodesic dome was erected in 2018 as a part of the Tauranga City Council's intention to update and expand it's water infrastructure. This aluminium dome is self-supporting, lightweight and partly built beneath the ground to minimise visibility.

Pyes Pa Water Reservoir

Holcim Silo Foundation (Wellington and New Plymouth)

Two cement storage facilities of 30,000 tonne capacity with two pneumatic ship unloaders and bulk cement tanker loading facilities. Surrounded by offices, equipment storage facilities road ways a security facilities, all of which remained safely operational throughout the entirety of this project.

Holcim Silo

Kinleith Substation

This project involved re-configuring the Kinleith Substation, which provides electricity to the Tokoroa network, as well as a local pulp and paper mill. Due to the importance of the substation, it was essential that it remained up and running throughout renovations. Our team managed to safely do our part to reconfigure the old substation whilst the deconstruction of separate areas of the original transformer plinths, foundation pads, traverser track and retaining wall continued and the plant remained operational.
Given the advanced age of Owhata Substation

kinleith substation

Lattey Civil Piles

The Joll Road Development project saw our team installing precast concrete panels of 10.8m x 2.5m, which were externally exposed in the final product. This development became home to retail spaces and offices which were a beautiful contribution to the local community.

Joll Road

Owhata Substation

Energy plant projects are distinguishable by their scale. Overcoming the issues that come with such a scale in the form of both time constraints and the multitude of companies participating to meet those time constraints safely, is a perfect example of our project management skills.


Bupa Fergusson Retirement Village

Due to growing demand, Bupa expanded their existing Retirement Village with a three-storey building. The end product achieved a 6-star rating from the Green Home Council, insuring that we have helped to created a warm, safe, healthy environment for residents.

bupa fergusson

Worser Bay Boat Club

The Worser Bay Boat Club Community had been in the same building for 64 years, making it such a pleasure to be involved with the rebuild.
This project was located directly on the waterfront, comprised of a series of boat storage sheds, as well as a main administration/ club building, and a ramp and rigging area.

Eastern Hutt Road and Park Street Transit Stations

These depots were designed to be a convenience to transport operators and public. They include house workshops, administrative blocks, washing station and parks with a capacity of 91 buses.

Eastern Hutt Road

Fabric Apartments

Affectionately named the Fabric of Onehunga, this apartment complex is centred around a communal green space, which the residents of all 239 new apartments have access to. The steel framework of this building is externally exposed, celebrating the industrial heritage of the area it is built in.

Ruakura Interchange


The Greenhill Interchange

The Greenhill Interchange was put in place to insure more convenient and safe travel for local residents. The previous alignment would divert travellers from the expressway, where the new interchange allows local residents to use the expressway for short-distance commutes.


East West Link

One of three projects completed for the Waikato Expressway in 2018 alone, the East West Link was a key part of the entire Waikato Expressway project, making sure that Tamahere residents could use the Expressway to their advantage whilst also remaining connected to their local routes.


2017 Completed Projects

Birthing Centre, Connolly Street

We are very proud to have been a part of this project. This health facility insures that all nurses, midwives and health care assistants on site can make parents and newborns their first priority at all times.

Birthing Centre

Hairini Underpass

A two lane link underneath the existing Maungatapu and Hairini roundabouts were added to improve safety and traffic flow on this route in the midst of State Highway 29A.

Hairini Underpass

Wellington East Girl's College

Renovations to the Main Building of the school, this project not only improved upon the seismic strength of the school whilst maintaining it's historic aesthetic. It also added additional classrooms, thereby raising the capacity of the school to 1200 students.

Wellington Girl's College

Bowen Campus Strengthening Project

Bowen Campus stands alongside two adjacent buildings. This project included both re-utilising the original structure so it can accomadate Government Ministries from each of the other buildings, as well as increasing the original floor space. This increase in area has allowed for considerable additional retail amenities.

Bowen Campus

Hutt City Council Hall and Event Centre

Constructed of two large interconnected buildings, the Atrium and Town Hall. Each of these buildings is inclusive of three smaller areas, each capable of holding up to 1000 people. Additionally there are smaller function spaces and banquet areas designed with a capacity of up to 650 seated guests.

Hutt City Council Hall and Event Centre


Our contribution to the Haywards project came in the form of the Haywards State Highway 2-State Highway 58 Interchange and the Haywards Pedestrian Bridge. This project not only allowed for a safer transition for motorists descending from SH2 to SH548, but also improved the safety of access and traffic flow to many other public staples in the area. Such as Manor Park Train Station and Belmont Regional Park.

Haywards Project

Spotlight, Kapiti

This 2000msq project is located in the midst of a retail area. This two-storey storage facility boasts an engineered gravel which provides comprehensive seismic strengthening, as well as a contribution to the development of the Kapiti Coast Retail Community.

Hilda Ross Facility

The Hilda Ross Facility is a dementia and hospitalization unit within a larger retirement village. Due to the specialized nature of the retirement village, the construction of 158 resident-capacity unit had to be carried out carefully whilst leaving the surrounding care units fully accessible and operational.

Hilda Ross

Hutt International Boys School Art Block

The extension of the English and Art Block at Hutt International Boys School was a project which had our team re-aligning existing wall framing inside the already-standing building. This project also involved an extensive amount of communication with the client to manage noise and the health and safety of both the construction workers and the students on the live campus.

Hutt International

Kay Road Bridge

This two-laned bridge is 90 metres long and constructed of 3320 metres of concrete and reinforced steel and provides a key connection to Hamilton's northeastern suburbs.


Matangi Road Bridge

Matangi Road was one of the first bridge to open across the Waikato Expressway project, this bridhe was built from top to bottom. Traffic was temporarily re-directed while steel piles were driven into the ground and filled by reinforced concrete. After crossheads and bridge beams were placed to support the weight of the bridge, which now runs over a four-lane expressway.


ECMTR/ Ryburn Bridge

ECMTR/ Ryburn, this portion of the project was largely practical. The expressway in this area improved the flow of traffic, causing it to be both safer and more efficient. In the process, Powells Road was redirected and made to run parallel to the expressway, creating a merge onto Ryburn Road for local residents.


Morrinsville Road Bridge

Morrinsville/ SH26, this 60m bridge was built top to bottom, with traffic being only briefly redirected before a four lane expressway was placed underneath to improve traffic flow and safety in the area.


Gordonton Road Bridge

Gordonton Road, this layout change will massively improve the safety and travel times in the area. The layout of this portion of the expressway insures consistently reliable travel for both long-distance travellers and local residents.


2016 Completed Projects

M2PP - Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway

This four lane expressway was built with the intention of improving the safety and length of trips. It separates local and long-distance drivers, reaping benefits for both local and national travellers. Our contribution to this project involved the Super T Yard Foundation, Remedial and Production Slabs, Super T Beams and Crosshead beams for the entire project, Culvert 14 Insitu, Raumati Road Bridge, Waikanae Bridge, Makarini Footbridge and Precast Barriers.

Mackays to Peka Peka

120 Super Tees, 30 crossheads and precast barriers constructed by us on a local precast yard before being transferred for installation.


A seven-storey head office building spanning 160,000 sq metres. The basement-level parking in this building was constructed concurrently with the rest of the project and accessed safely through a neighbouring car park which was being built simultaneously.

fonterra extension

Whakaruatapu Bridge

This bridge served as the replacement for a 90 year bridge which was growing brittle and unsafe. The new bridge is 120m long, with a reinforced concrete slab foundation. It proved a safe option, even providding the opportunity to realign roads in the area to create a safer driving environment in the wider region. Our contribution to this project included both the Whakaruatapu Underpass and the Whakaruatapu Culvert in Dannervirke.

Whakaruatapu Project

Avalon Park, Playground and Pavillion

Considered a must-see in the Wellington Region, Avalon Park is a six hectare modernized and unique playground comprised of disability-friendly play equipment, an artificial stream, and a variety of steel climbing-frames.

Avalon Park Playground and Pavillion

Transmission Gully

This 27km long motorway will be constructed of four lanes, built to meet the high deman for a safer, more reliable route for motorists travelling between Wellington and Lower Hutt, more resistant to severe weather and earthquakes. Our contribution to this project included Bridge 9, Motu Bridge Super Tees and the Tawa Longitudinal Insitu Chamber Reinforcing.

Transmission Gully

Peka Peka to Otaki (PP2O) Super Tees

With the rapid growth of the Kapiti Coast, the Peka Peka to Otaki (PP2O) Expressway offers safer, more efficient travel as well as an alternative route for freight, separating larger vehicles from local traffic.


Hutt City Council Seismic Strengthening

Built originally in 1954, the Hutt City Council Administration buildings, were re-piled and strengthened by our staff to meet updated building requirements. Multiple tests were carried out before our team began working on this process, with health and safety of our staff whilst working on an existing building with potential asbestos and other risks being a top consideration.

Hutt City Council seismic strengthening

2015 Completed Projects

Rutherford Piles

One of two extensions to Victoria University, a six-storey extension was added to Rutherford House with the additional challenge that university operations moved forward throughout progression of the project. In order for these piles to be placed in the midst of the Wellington area, temporary works platforms were put in place to insure that the site remained separated from daily commuters.

Rutherford House

Gateway Piles

The two-storey, 12,500m2 Te Toki a Rata labratory and research facility at Victoria University's Kelburn Campus.The construction of this project closed of none of the existing institute and only a small portion of the external walking path out of caution, with no effect to vehicle or foot traffic.

Gateway Building 2

Train Bridge 48, Tauranga

A bridge replacement completed during a 48 hour block of the train lines. The bridge was constructed off site site. Jensen Steel fabricated the four new steel spans at 20m, 12m and two 4m lengths, from weathering steel. Each span was 5m wide and the longest span weighed 60 tonne.

Screenshot (14)

2013 Completed Projects

Perth Children's Hospital

This long-planned project sought to accommodate the rapid growth of the city at the time by taking on the service of the 102 year old Princess Margaret Hospital. As a family owned and operate company, we were grateful to be a part of this project, which sought the advice of leading paediatric hospitals to help create the most comforting environment possible for children and their families, including a 3500sqm garden space in the upper levels.

Wheatstone Project (Georgiou Precast)

The Wheatstone Project was one of Australia's first liquefied natural gas hub, as well as one of it's leading resource facilities. We assisted Georgiou Precast in making 400 jacking pipes which contributed to the construction of a 1.2km tunnel. This project was created in consideration of the substantial size of the Wheatstone facility, the tunnel itself both protecting the supply pipeline and minimising the impact on the environment.


2012 Completed Projects

Elizabeth Quay (Western Austalia)

The intention of this project was to reunite Perth with the waterfront, bringing the possibility of new recreational activities for locals and tourists alike, whilst also reinstating Perth as a riverside city. Our contribution to this large-scale project was the foundation of the 1,700 new residential apartments in the area.

Elizabeth Quay

Gorgon Manholes (Western Australia - Mining) Permacast

Mining is a large industry in Western Australia, and the Gorgon Manholes are amongst the largest natural gas projects in the world. These 610 manholes, each weighing between 15-20 tonnes made sure it was also safe and environmentally friendly - with quarantining procedures in place to insure the safety of indigenous animals and insects.

Gorgon Permacast

Coogee Beach Apartments

This five-storey apartment and hotel complex allows for both short-term and long term guests in the midst of Perth city, and an office space for guests travelling for work.


2011 Completed Projects

Papamoa College

was the aim of the Ministry of Education to have the school be extremely earthquake and tsunami proof, given the volatile environmental conditions. This beach-side school consists of three, two-storey, modern, open-plan learning environments, a high-ceiling gymnasiusm and performing arts centre, with an elevated walkway.

Tauranga East Overpass

This project was completed using a combination of hollow-core beams and super-tee bridge beams, all of which contributed to safer, easier travel across Tauranga which support tourism and regional growth by providing a "corridor" which can be used for travel throughout the region.

2010 Completed Projects

Bayfair Shopping Centre extension

Bayfair Shopping Centre (Mount Maunganui) Extension included alterations to the existing shopping mall and the four-storey car park. This project was completed whilst the mall remained entirely accessible and safe to customers, and upon completion of the project housed a record 98 retailers and had taken on a modernised refurbishment.

Te Wharekura o Mauao Bethlehem

This full-immersion te-reo Maori for students Years 7-13 is a combination of multiple learning centres with a unique, modern design which represents the schools own goals of flexible and passionate learning experiences for its students.

te wharekura

2009 Completed Projects

Oceanside Resort and Twin Towers, Mount Maunganui

An ocean-side resort comprised of two identical, eleven-storey towers which sit directly at the bottom of Mount Maunganui. The bottom level is a series of retail spaces which have become iconic to both tourists and the local community.

Twin Towers

Papamoa Pak N Save

As the ever-changing and growing Bay of Plenty region's population developed throughout Papamoa, the increasingly high demand for a supermarket was met with this two-storey, high ceiling building with two large storage facilities and refrigeration areas.

Pacific Apartments (Mount Maunganui)

Pacific Apartments is a modern apartment building and conference facility comprised of 11 storeys on the beach of Mount Maunganui, built due to the high demand of the increasingly popular tourist destination and making a perfect contribution to the iconic scenery.

Tauranga Harbour Link

Twenty years after the construction of the Tauranga Harbour Link, another was added due to massive population increase and high demand. A 466m bridge was added alongside the original, along with a 550m long overpass. These new additions assure not only safer and faster travel, but also added further to the history of this increasingly beautiful city.

Tauranga Harbour Link

2008 Completed Projects

Gisborne Police Station

Situated in one of the hubs of the region, the Gisborne Police Station's renovation was focused on the retention of the original building's historic aesthetic, as well as the construction of the seismically separate parking building. The new station has 29 cells at ground level, with a number of offices and multi-purpose rooms to the second level, and two levels of car parking.

Vivaldi Breeze Apartments

Located in a prime area of Mount Maunganui, where commercial and residential areas merge seamlessly into a hub of tourism, this 21 apartment complex and underground park was constructed safely and efficiently, directly opposite the beach.

Vivaldi Breeze Apartments

Customhouse Apartments

Located in the in the centre of Mount Maunganui, this apartment complex holds retail spaces on the floor level as well as as twelve Mountain-view apartments above. Since their construction, Customhouse Apartments have become a key aspect of the Mount Maunganui lifestyle.

Customhouse Apartments

2007 Completed Projects

Cayman Towers

A building with a 400 ton foundation of reinforcing completed safely in two months when we operated as Hunters Contractors.

Cayman Towers

Mount Maunganui New World

Built on the ground of the old New World building, this two-storey, high-ceiling storage and cooling facility includes a 106 capacity car park on 2300sq.m of land. this project was completed by our team in a short period of time with the demolition of the previous building taking place in May of that year and the opening of the new facility taking place in December.

mt maunganui new world

2006 Completed Projects

The Moorings

A four-storey apartment complex with store facilities at the ground level.

The Moorings

Quayside Apartments

A four-storey apartment complex of 43 apartments, this rounded building was completed whilst the roads on either stayed remained open for safe use.

Quayside Apartments

Quest Apartments, Mount Maunganui

Two intersecting four-storey apartment buildings with underground, constructed safely near the beach.

Quest Mount Maunganui

2005 Completed Projects

Gate Pa New World

Gate Pa New World is a modern-style building with a plethora of construction space, built for Foodstuffs.

The Reef Luxury Apartments

A three-storey building divided into 22 self-contained 2-3 bedroom apartments.

the reef 2

The Terraces, Mount Maunganui

A complex comprised of 22 individual buildings/ apartments of different sizes.


Mount Central Apartments

Subcontracting to CBC Construction, Mount Central Apartments is a four-level apartment building with underground parking.

Mount Central Apartments

2004 Completed Projects

Atrium Apartments Mount Maunganui

The Atrium Apartments (Mount Maunganui) is a 41 apartment complex, constructed safely on the soft ground surrounding the beach.

Calais Apartments, Mount Maunganui

A three-storey, 31 room complex located in Mount Maunganui on the side of a road which remained fully operational during construction.


2000 Completed Projects

ASB Baypark Arena

Located in Mount Maunganui, and consisting of stadium and speedway, courts, auditorium, suites and cafe.


Train Bridge 48

A bridge replacement completed during a 48 hour block of the train lines. We constructed large portions of the bridge off-site using 20 metre, 12 metre and 4 metre spans. Each span was 5 metres wide and the longest of them weighed 60 tonnes.

Bridge 48

With our Head Office based in the Tauranga, we regularly service regions in Wellington in Horowhenua as well as having completed projects through satellite sites in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Victoria and New South Wales, Australia. We are also able to manage large, long term projects throughout Australasia.

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