Our People

Recruitment of motivated, experienced staff and provision of ongoing relevant training ensures high morale within our team.

Mark Hammond - Director

Mark has 30 years industry experience, this comprises 17 years in Precast Concrete working for Firth Stresscrete and HEB Precast including involvement in projects such as Te Papa, one of the single largest projects undertaken independently in the country at the time.
Having made the decision to branch out into Steel Fixing as a specialty field in 1999, Mark had a vision to establish a professional Steel Fixing service which has led to involvement in a myriad of projects across the North Island and Western Australia.


Cherie Hammond - Director

Cherie has run all human resource, accounts, contractual and health and safety requirements of the family Steel Fixing businesses for 19 years. In addition, she has experience at a senior management level in the Sports Industry (primarily Aquatics where she developed her extensive understanding of Health and Safety requirements).
Cherie has completed the Certificate in Construction Site Safety with the next goal being achieving Health and Safety ISO standard, therefore best enabling Dellta Contractors to continue to be an industry leader in proactively upholding Health and Safety standards for the benefit of staff and contractors alike.

Certificate in Construction Site Safety

Brian Hammond - Operations Manager

Brian has 30 years industry experience, comprising 15 years in Precast Concrete working for Firth Stresscrete and an additional 15 years as the joint Director of a successful steel fixing company. He has run Steel Fixing projects in both New Zealand and Western Australia; where he worked on projects such as the Perth Childrens' Hospital, Perth Viaduct and Wheatstone Project.
For the past three years Brian has acted as Operations Manager for Dellta Contractors Waikato BOP Limited, primarily overseeing the running of the Waikato Expressway - Hamilton East project that consists of 17 bridges.

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Nakia Patete - Leading Hand

Nakia has been fully trained by Dellta Contractors to our high standards and has quickly demonstrated an aptitude for plan reading and work forecasting for efficiency.
Nakia began steel fixing, working on the Mackays to Peka Peka project initially before progressing to Leading Hand on the M2PP Super Tees. He has assisted Mark in running a myriad of projects local to the Wellington region during 2016 and 2017, before relocating to the Waikato Expressway - Hamilton East project where his focus is on upskilling in order to transition to a Foreman role with Dellta in the near future.

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Rawini Foster-Te Anau - Team Leader

Rawini demonstrated strong leadership skills from early on in his time with the company. As a result, he has been made Team Leader at the Fletcher Infrastructure Yard that is producing the Super Tees, panels and barriers for both Peka Peka to Otaki (PP2O) and Wharikino projects.
Rawini is currently working on developing his plan reading, scheduling and methodology skills in order to further progress to a Leading Hand role in the future.

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With our Head Office based in the Kapiti Coast, and a satellite site in Hamilton; we regularly service Wellington, Horowhenua, Auckland and the Bay of Plenty; with the ability to cover projects across the North Island.

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